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Who were the dutch?

by Harshit
Who were the dutch?

Today I am going to tell you about the Dutch, who were the Dutch, where did they come from, the Dutch say that today I am going to talk to you about all these things, so to know about all these, complete our post. Read and read well Let’s start now.

Who were the dutch?

The Dutch were residents of the Netherlands or Holland. After the Portuguese, only the Dutch came to India. The Dutch started the first joint stock company for trade with India. In 1602, by the resolution passed by the Dutch (Halland) Parliament, a business organization was established by the name of United East India Company of Netherlands by merging various Dutch companies. The original name of this company was Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnic (VOIC).



The first factory in India was established by the Dutch in 1605 at Masulipatam. In 1610 the Dutch, in agreement with the Raja of Chandragiri, established another factory at Pulicat and made it their headquarters. The Dutch defeated the Portuguese in the spice island of Punj (Indonesia) and took it under their influence. He conquered Jakarta and established a city named Batavia on its ruins. Later on, the Dutch also captured Malacca and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The Dutch defeated the Portuguese and built Fort Williams in Cochin (modern Kochi). The first Dutch factory in Bengal was established at Peepli. The Dutch fort of Chinsura was known as Gustavus Fort.


In 1664, the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb gave the Dutch the right to trade in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa at 3.5% annual octroi. In 1690, the Dutch replaced Pulicat with Negapatam as their headquarters. The silk spinning industry established by the Dutch was located in Qasim Bazar. The Dutch gave more importance to the export of Indian clothing than spices. The credit of making Indian textiles an item of export from India goes to the Dutch. The Dutch trading system was based on cooperatives i.e. cartels. The credit of paying the highest dividend to the partners among all the European companies coming to India also goes to the Dutch company.

The Dutch’s maritime trade in India to the Portuguese

The Dutch somehow expelled the Portuguese from the maritime trade in India, but they could not stand the naval power of the British. In 1759 the Dutch were defeated by the British in the Battle of Bedra (Bengal).

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This defeat ended his power in India. The main reasons for the failure of the Dutch in India were their direct control of the government, inept administrators of the company and corruption in the company.


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