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Trees and animals were worshiped at the time of Harapa

by Harshit
Trees and animals were worshiped at the time of Harapa

Through this post today, I am going to tell you a unique thing about the Harappan civilization and that is the unique thing that Trees and animals were worshiped in the Harappan civilization and now let’s know this thing in a little brevity.

Trees and animals were worshiped at the time of Harappa

The people of the Indus region also used to worship trees. On a seal (seal) the deity is depicted sitting between the branches of peepal. The worship of this tree continues till date.

tree worship

tree worship

Animal worship was also prevalent during the Harappan period. Many animals are inscribed on the seals. The most important of these is the one-horned animal (unicorn) which may have been the rhinoceros. After that, the bull with the hump is of importance. Even today, when such a bull walks in the streets of the market, devout Hindus give way to it. Similarly, the presence of animals around the horned deity shows that they were also worshipped.

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It is clear from these points that the inhabitants of the Indus region worshiped the gods in the form of trees, animals and humans, but they did not make mothers for these gods, as in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, religious objects were made. Despite this, it would not be correct to link Harappan urbanization with religion, which is also applicable to other urban societies of the Bronze Age.

Nothing can be said about the religious beliefs of the Harappans unless the Indus script is read. Talismans have been found in large numbers. Perhaps the Haddapai tribes believed that demons could harm them, and that is why they used to wear Tavira to protect them. Many tantra-mantras or sorcery have been given in or believed to be associated with the non-Aryan tradition, and diseases and ghosts have been given.

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In today’s post, I have told you about a unique thing related to the Harappan civilization, where in today’s time we worship God, in the time of the Harappan civilization, people used to worship animals and trees. If you like the given information, then share this post with your friends also.

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