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Reason of the success of the Arabs

by Harshit
Reason of the success of the Arabs

Hello friends, through this article of today, I am going to tell you about the reason for the success of Arabs. In this article, I am going to give you the reasons for the success of Arabs and various information related to the success of Arabs.

Reason of the success of the Arabs

success of the Arabs

success of the Arabs

Political and social situation of Sindh

India was divided into small states. The political system was in disarray. Not only was there a lack of unity, some feudal lords had also met with the enemy. In such an unstable environment, due to the unfavorable social conditions, the Arabs were victorious, the society was divided into four phases. The condition of the Shudras was deplorable. On the other hand the society was further divided due to the Buddhist and Jain communities. The Buddhists followed the concept of universal brotherhood and were against violence and ruckus. At the same time, there was a feeling of enmity towards other castes in his mind. He was under the illusion that perhaps the Arab invaders would give him Abhay Dan. But he was also treated with enemies. One of the main reasons for India’s defeat was the inhuman treatment of the upper class people with the inhabitants of Sindh, which forced the Sindhi people to side with the invaders. The inept rulers of the province had neither strength nor courage, so they were completely unsuccessful in facing the Arabs.

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Arab army organization

Where on the one hand the Indian army was weak and low on morale, on the other hand the Arab army was well organized and experienced. It had famous soldiers and cavalry from Iran and Syria. Qasim had selected very tactical soldiers. In the war, they fought for one goal and emerged victorious. Indian soldiers were aimless. On the other hand, the number of Arab soldiers was also more than them. They were also equipped with war equipment, Indians had a complete lack of new weapons, so their defeat was certain.

Weakness of the right

Dahir was powerful, but not a visionary and a moralist. He did not make any effort to strengthen and modernize his army. The Navy was completely incompetent. There were four routes to reach India from the West. The kings of Kabul and Jabul and the Jats of Kikan near Bolan did not allow them to enter the country. But the waterway was open to the Arabs and they entered India taking the question of this route. Also adopted the rugged routes of Sindh and Makran. Dahir neither tried to strengthen the Navy nor increased surveillance on the border of Sindh, Makran, the result of which proved fatal for him.

Geography of Sindh

Sindh was a desert province and was completely separated from the rest of India. Its population was also small and resources were limited. No state came forward to help him in times of crisis. On the other hand, the army of Muhammad bin Qasin had set out to do jihad inspired by religious sentiments, so his victory was inevitable.

What have you learned?

Through today’s article, I have told you about the reason for the success of the Arabs, along with this I have discussed the political and social situation of Sindh, the organization of the Arab army, the weakness of Dahir and the geographical location of Sindh. If you like this article written by me, then definitely share it with your friends, as well as tell us by commenting how did you like this article written by us.

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