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Problem of Harappan Origin

by Harshit
Problem of Harappan Origin

Through today’s article, I am talking to you about the problem of Harappan Origin, so let’s start…

Problem of Harappan Origin:

Around 4000 BC, several pre-Harappan agricultural settlements are found in the area of ​​the Hakra River in the Cholistan desert under Pakistan. But agricultural settlements appeared in the early Neolithic period, around 7000 BC, on the eastern edge of Balochistan on the banks of the Indus Valley. From this time people started raising goats, sheep and cattle. They also started growing wheat and barley. From the fifth millennium BC, when granaries became prevalent, these processes of earning a living expanded. In the fifth and fourth millennia BC, the use of raw bricks began. Painted pottery and clay feminine idols also began to be made. In the northern part of Balochistan, a site called Rahman Derry had planned roads and settlements, and it developed into the oldest city. This site was located almost parallel to the Harappan in the west. The early and mature Harappan cultures apparently originated from the Balochistani settlements.

Harappan Origin

Harappan Origin

Sometimes the origin of Harappan culture is mainly attributed to the natural environment. Today the environment of the Harappan region is not conducive for crafts and agriculture. But in the third millennium BC the climate there was not dry. We have evidence that in 3000-2000 BC the Indus received heavy rainfall and the Indus River and its tributary Saraswati, which is identified with the dry river Hakra of the Indus, had a good flow of water. Sometimes the Indus culture is called the Saraswati culture. But the flow of water in Harappan Hakra was due to Yamuna and Sutlej. These two rivers met with Saraswati for a few centuries due to hierarchical additions in the Himalayas. Therefore, along with the Indus, the credit for promoting the Harappan culture should also go to these two rivers.

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