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Expansion of Harappan Civilization

by Harshit
Expansion of Harappan Civilization

If you want to know about Expansion of Harappan Civilization, then today’s post is very special for you people because in today’s post I am going to tell you about Expansion of Harappan Civilization.

Expansion of Harappan Civilization:

So far, about 2800 sites of Harappan culture have been unearthed in this subcontinent. Some of them belong to the early stage of the Harappan culture, some to the mature stage, and some to the later stage. But the number of mature sites is limited, and only seven of them can be named as cities. Two of the most important cities were Harappa in Punjab and Mohenjodaro (meaning Mound of Stones) in Sindh. Both fall in Pakistan, both were 483 kilometers away from each other and were connected by the river Indus.

Expansion of Harappan Civilization

The third town was at Chanhudaro, about 130 km south of Mohenjodaro in Sindh, and the fourth at the site of Lothal over the Gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat. The fifth town was Kalibanga (meaning black bangles) in northern Rajasthan and the sixth town was Banawali, in Hisar district of Haryana. Like Kalibanga, it also saw two cultural phases.

Pre-Harappan and Harappan period. The remains of mud brick platforms, roads and marshes are from the Harappan period. Mature and advanced Harappan culture is seen at these six sites. The mature stage of this culture is also visible in the coastal towns of Sutkagendar and Surkotada. The specialty of both of these is that each one will belong to a city and a fort. Within it, there is also a fort at Dholavira, located in the Kutch region of Gujarat, and all three stages of Harappan culture are found at this site. Both these stages are also found in Rakhigarhi which is situated in Haryana on Ghaggar river and is bigger than Dholavira. The North Harappan stage has been found at Rangpur and Roji sites in the Kathiawar peninsula of Gujarat.


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