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Craft and technical knowledge of Harappa Civilization

by Harshit
Craft and technical knowledge of Harappa Civilization

Through this post of today, I am going to tell you people about Craft and technical knowledge of Harappa Civilization , if you also want to know various things about Harappa Civilization, then read this article carefully and along with it Articles related to Harappan civilization have also been written on this website, out of which many times questions are asked in your examinations as well.

So let’s know about the Craft and technical knowledge of Harappa Civilization .

Craft and technical knowledge of Harappa Civilization:

The Harappan culture dates back to the Bronze Age. Although the people of this culture used many tools and equipment of stone, but they were also well acquainted with the manufacture and use of bronze. Generally, bronze was made by metallurgists by mixing tin with copper. However, not a single metal was readily available to the Harappans in either of them. Therefore, bronze tools are not found in abundance in Harappa.


The impurities in the ores (Copper-minerals) suggest that the copper could have been sourced from the Khetri Tas-Khanes of Rajasthan, although it could also have been imported from Balochistan. Tin was probably imported from Afghanistan with difficulty, although some old tin mines are reported to have been found at Hazaribagh and Bastar. The bronze tools and weapons found at Harappan sites have a small amount of tin.

Yet the things that these bronze have left are not insignificant. These objects indicate that the community of Kaseras (bronze-craftsmen) had an important place among the artisans of the Harappan society. They made statues and utensils, as well as a variety of tools and weapons, such as axes, saws, knives and barahs.

Terracotta boat in the shape of a bull and female figurines

Many other important crafts were also carried on in the Harappan cities. A hook made of cotton cloth made from Mohenjodaro has been found, and many items have the impression of cloth. Bullets were used for spinning. Weavers used to weave woolen and cotton cloth. The huge brick buildings suggest that the architecture (masonry) was an important craft. This also gives an impression of the existence of the class of Rajgoras (establishments). Harappan people. He also used to do boat building. As will be explained further, clay seals. Becoming and making clay effigies were also important crafts. Goldsmiths used to make ornaments of silver, gold and gems.

Gold, silver probably came from Afghanistan and gems came from South India. Harappan artisans were also skilled in making gems. Chalk was widely used and the pottery of the Harappan people had its own special characteristics. They made the buns smooth and shiny.



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